How to conduct Effective Meetings?

Written by Shwetha Gowda on 14 November 2022

How to conduct Effective Meetings?

How to make sure that the meetings are conducted exactly the way you think, and get the desired output from it?

Plan your meeting !!
  • Any strategic meeting is generally less effective if its for more than 20 min & transactional meetings can go upto 40 minutes.
  • It is important to define the time/duration /place /people.
  • Have a clear agenda.
  • Plan for water, beverages , Projectors, writing materials. Decent backgrounds, good speakers and displays for online meetings.
  • Please suggest travel modalities and best routes to reach meeting area. For online meetings, share links and join early


 Know the Types of meetings :
  • Result oriented Meeting
  • Pre-sales/ product or solutions demo
  • Introduction meeting / establishing creditability
  • Managing escalation/setting expectations
  • Plan outcomes


Know your Audience :
  • Strategic / management team, operational team, transactional team
  • What kind of personality traits do they carry?
  • Know the Background of the meeting.
  • Evaluate Meeting purpose and possible outcomes.
  • Seek conformance and feedbacks.


Conducting the meeting :
  • A warm greeting, courtesies & seating arrangements.
  • 30 seconds introduction and 30 seconds agenda of the meeting.
  • Ask if the visitor/guest wants to start discussion on the point.
  • Take notes. Document and share Minutes of meeting(MOM).
  • Concentrate and be with the discussions.
  • Keep meeting alive with examples, outlook, experiences and healthy smile.


Wrap up the meeting :
  • Conclude the meeting before you start casual talk.
  • Summarise at the end, ask for inputs, wrap up with feedback and further Plan of action.
  • Take feedback, get you visitor book entered or send forms.
  • Follow up and Fix calendar if there is a follow up meeting.


Dos and don’ts in a meeting:


Do’s :
  • A Purposeful Voice Modulation
  • Body Language
  • Assertive approach
  • Eye Contact
  • Punctual and Well Mannered
  • Casual approach
  • Over reactions/aggressiveness
  • Jumping others points
  • Mobiles/laptops/walking in-out disturbances
  • Late to the meeting