The why, who & how of Business Analyst Course

Written by Anand Murali on 14 November 2022

In this course, we shall discuss the different skills required to be a BA:

  1. Business process, definition and mapping
  2. Information Technology
  3. Project management
  4. Business communication 
  5. Soft skills

This course will prepare you to accept any role in an organization, dwell into it and contribute to the role effectively. 

Sustained efforts are made to focus on organizational benefits and individual career contributions as the outcome of this program.

This course has "52" classes spread over 3 months with self study assignments and projects work that needs to be submitted on LMS. Assessments are going to be regularly conducted to make sure the concepts are well understood and comprehended by you.

Fresh executives who step into the corporate world, application support users and project users with basic information of business process and technology can take up this course,with no minimum experience. This BA course provides a foundation to understand business process definition and how to drill down deeper to identify bottlenecks and streamline them. This course is also a must for aspirants who would want to work on Business Analytics and Data science.

A typical BA career would start as a business intern and go up to a principal consultant as he deepens his knowledge into a specific industry or a function. Project management and consulting roles also become easily embraced with BA fundamentals .

The business communication and soft skill section of the course is more focused on getting the fresh - out of college graduates business ready, consumable and convert them to billable resources as early. Email writing skills, project role and coordination, documentation and reporting are a few of the soft, human side of things we touch upon in this course.

This exposure would not only help you get selected for a job, but also assist you in shaping and proving your selection worthy. The certification course is self monitored and encourages learning holistically. It is very effective when done in groups. The library of business terms and process you create during the course shall take you a long way.