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Welcome to Business Communication and Soft Skills

Business Communication and Softskills training is at most necessary for all corporates in this competative and technology driven corporate world.

Communication plays a pivotal role in success of a individual and a company.

Early adoption of this methodolgy is going to yeild fruitfull results for organizations and associates.



Business Communication Course is specifically designed for corporate employees to make sure they are successful and happy in their career.

It is important to impart human resources management skills in every employee to make sure they are supplied with the right tools to design and plan their career.

This Course has the following objectives laid down for participants.

1. To know about various elements of communication and how to develop effective communication as an individual

2. To understand corporate communication, its importance and roles that individuals play in a project communication

3. To define a communication strategry based on a person's personality and overcome communication barriers.

Corporate communication is effective with individuals soft skills enhancements, and hence the soft skills module has the following objectives,

4. Effective communiction with empathy and interpersonal relationship, building IPR in an organization.

5. How to define/select/construct teams , their types and styles for modern organizations.

6. Defining problems, evaluating problem and solving techniques in corporates.

7. Individual SWOT Analysis approach for personality development

8. Time management for better productivity at work place.

9. Attitude and work ethics, adaptability and flexiblity for indivuduals.

10 . Building Self confidance  among individuals and developing ownership towards work.

Business Communication
  • Effective ways of Business Communication
  • Corporate Communication and Types
  • Barriers in Communication
  • Communication and Personality
Soft Skills
  • Empathy
  • Interpersonal Relationship, Communication among teams
  • Time Management, Problem Solving
  • Attitude and Work Ethics, Self Confidence and Ownership
  • Adaptability, Ownership & Networking
  • To set proper expectations among new joinees and existing associates about corporate communication and its link to individual soft skills and personality.
  • To provide necessary platform for associates to make their work life more balanced, joyfull and purposeful from a individuals prespective.
  • To make sure the various communication types and barriers are realised.
  • To facilitate planning and work life balance.
  • To make every employee a brand representative and energitic towards his association with the organization.